Comprehensive Social Economy Plan of Navarra 2017-2020

Navarra is one of the Autonomous Communities where the Social Economy has great importance and deep roots, as is evident from sector data and the SWOT analysis prepared for defining the strategy of the Plan:

  • For its contribution to employment, which has been especially important during this long and hard period of crisis, exceeding the number of existing jobs before the crisis in the sector, responding to companies in crisis to continue activity and employment, ranking third among Autonomous Communities in the percentage of Social Economy employment.
  • For its qualitative and differential contribution to employment, a different, participatory and responsible employment model; more stable and sustainable employment; more solidarity and more inclusive; employment linked to our region and our resources; an employment of the people and not human resources; collective employment and not employment numbers.
  • For its connection to the region of Social Economy companies, they are companies that are not relocated, and agro-food cooperatives are implanted throughout our region. All contribute to the regional structure, generation and maintenance of the business activity and employment within the territory.
  • For the number of people working in foundations and associations supporting the activity of public institutions; because of the results of job insertion of people in a situation and at risk of exclusion; because of involvement of the solidarity economy.
  • For its contribution to entrepreneurship, a model of collective entrepreneurship with people from the region and located in the region, and a basis for the future business fabric, working with the pool of professionals. Thus, Social Economy companies created in 2015 exceeded 7% of the total of companies created in Navarra, twice as much as before the crisis.
  • For the strong roots of Social Economy businesses, with a presence in all business sectors, ranking third among Autonomous Communities in relative employment number; with Social Economy companies innovating, exporting and creating jobs; and with businesses and business groups serving as a model of reference.

In short, the Social Economy represents strength for Navarra, the result of extensive knowledge, effort and experience well worth harnessing and enhancing.



17/05/2017 - 21:00
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